Hello,DJ Mobil Unit here to bring production tips.


We wear different hats in the business;  from creating, recording,arranging,mixing,mastering and selling.


Let’s talk about the different hats here.

OK! Creating the music can take on many hats within itself.Coming up with chord changes a melody line, bass line;the instrumentation (what instruments you use)in the song are to consider also.

Getting these hats to work together as a team is the ultimate goal.After a proper song has been constructed

we proceed to the next step or as we’re saying here; putting on the other hat.

And that hat has to have as much power and strength as well.The recording hat can take on many forms.


From recording with a DAW and or another DAW at a larger facility,haa!


This hat must be focused with track for track precision.You’re looking for ?


And you get that with a razor sharp drop on each track getting its proper respect.Do not overload,

Yes,no ,maybe so! If it works! Do it! Getting  from the beginning, middle and end is the goal.

The arranging hat is not to be over looked.This hat comes from the way the World reacts to the music!


Should this open the song or this, or this!  Decisions! Decisions.


Oh yeah! It has to be correct.After this decision has been made then we can move on.


Mixing the ingredients together with proper levels that work on different systems is a very large HAT!


A good pair of ears to start with! The headphones must carry a wide frequency range.So listen, listen and listen again of course, on different systems and compare your track with something that you are gearing for!  Only with your EARS! You are looking to get and feel what you are looking for.


The Mastering Hat is a big HAT as well.Getting those frequencies to not clash and train wreck.

Again,the ears are GOD in telling you ,what should be in the bass frequencies, what should be in the mid frequencies, what should be in the high frequencies. If something is out of place this hat must fix and trouble shoot it!

All frequencies are in order.You have the optimum sound levels without clips or train wrecks!


The SELLING HAT is a monster within itself!


Whether you  sell your music at gigs if you have any! Or hustling it at your local whatever!

Putting this hat on takes nerves, brains and brawn!

Creating a plan is important in finding a path to go of course to get money.

The ultimate!     More on all of this as we go through our journey!