Here we are again, with more hip tips for the music producers.

So let’s get right to it.


Lets add reverb to spice up a bit to push the sound to the back of the room.


To keep the sound in your face up front increase the amount of pre-delay.This will separate the


sound from the reverb giving you a nice reverb effect.


Make use of the busses on the mix and use the busses to save CPU power.


As a rule, try to leave automation mixing towards the end of your mixing session.


Get the mix and sounds good and tight, the way you like it! Then move on to automating.


If you can use a SPECTRUM ANALYZER on the master track and a BANGING track you’d like to


compare your track to.As you work try A/B ing your track against the other track to get it up to




If you like to Gate things to your tracks.  For example, gating a side chain trigger track.


This keeps those nice pumping effects when your main drums are muted out.


This is done by copying your drums to another channel with no output(or muted) having things


side chained to that channel.



Here is another fire tip! Its a good idea when laying down a new idea to lay down elements you


would like in your track without a bass line.These elements could give you a great direction for


your bass lines.


More tips coming soon.


Stay tuned for more,




Karl Mo Morrison